Why do we need The Kin Project?



"There is absolutely nothing I would change about myself or the world around me."


If you answered "true", take your perfectly deluded self and be on your merry way! There's nothing The Kin Project can do for you.


The rest of you, read on. You probably want change at a personal level - you want to be smarter, healthier, happier, etc. And we all want change at a local and global level, whether that's keeping our town's library open or finding a cure for cancer.

But it's hard to make change happen, largely thanks to these three hurdles:


We're all drowning in information - it comes at us all the time, from every angle.

Every day, it seems there's a new study telling us that yet another innocuous food or activity will undoubtedly give us cancer.

The number of disasters and atrocities around the world seems to be multiplying exponentially. There's always a fresh catastrophe somewhere.

We end up feeling completely overwhelmed. We want to do the right thing but we don't know where to start.


We're all hurtling through space on this gorgeous blue planet wishing we could eradicate poverty, become millionaires, and develop a six pack all without ever having to get out of our pajamas.


We really do intend to learn another language, but for some odd reason, busting open ye olde French grammar book after work seems very unappealing.


Instead, we find ourselves lolling about like pudgy little koalas (if koalas liked wine and Netflix) on our couches.


"I should really join the gym but I'm just way too tired after work."


"I'd love to volunteer but I spend all weekend taking the kids to football/gymnastics/piano."


"I'd happily donate to every charity out there if I made more money."

"I want to eat only organic food but it's so expensive!"

The Kin Project is designed to help us overcome these common obstacles to change.


It's a bit like taking the moving walkway instead of the stairs. You still have to walk*, but you'll get there faster. 


Or, read more about how The Kin Project works and the idea behind it.

*Honestly, you really do... People who don't walk on the moving WALKway... you're killing me. The clue's in the name.

"Never put off until tomorrow that which you can avoid entirely."

~ Positivesharing

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