February: What We Wear

February's challenge is to examine our wardrobes. Many of us are guilty of having wardrobes that are stuffed to the brim with items we barely ever wear. Worse, every time the seasons change, we go out and buy more clothes. But when we go out shopping for a new winter jumper or a pair of shorts for the summer, we need to consider, amongst other things:


Where do my clothes come from? What are they made of? Who makes them? What happens to the clothes I donate?


It's a theme that echoes throughout most of The Kin Project challenges - we need to be conscious consumers. Every purchase we make is a vote for the kind of planet we want to live on. When it comes to what we wear, it's important that we consider:

- what fabrics our clothes are made of

- how those fabrics are made

- who makes our clothes and under what conditions

- what impact the production of our clothes has on the land, wildlife, and people nearby

- what happens to the clothes that don't get sold or that we donate


Ready to get started? Download the PDF for this challenge.

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