January: What We Eat

Eating is one of those things that a lot of us just *do* without really giving it much thought. Sure, we consider the taste of the food, what cuisine we feel like eating, how long it will take us to make it - but those are all just issues of our individual convenience and pleasure. What about our Kin?

How does what I eat affect the world around me? 

What we eat may seem like a highly personal choice, but, as with pretty much everything we do, our actions affect others. In January, we'll be examining the impact our individual diets have on the planet and those with whom we share it. We'll do this by looking at:

- what we eat

- where our food comes from

- under what conditions our food  is produced

- who produces our food

- the impact of food production on land, wildlife and people

- what happens to the food we produce but don't eat


Ready to get started? Download the PDF for this challenge.

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