What is The Kin Project?

The Kin Project is a series of challenges 

designed to make change easy.



How does The Kin Project work?


1. Sign up.

You just need your name

and email address.

2. Receive an email.

Each month, you'll receive an email with a new challenge.

3. Accept challenge.

Focus on the challenge 

for the next 30 days.

What's in a challenge?

Each month, we'll start a new 30 Day Challenge*. The challenge will be made up of three different components:

1. Educate.

We'll provide (hopefully) interesting information about why this particular issue has been chosen and what we can do to help both ourselves and others.


Take the opportunity to educate yourself and then chat about what you've learned with someone else.

2. Habituate.

We'll focus on picking up a new good habit that will help both yourself and the world around you. Hopefully, at the end of each year, you'll have made the world a better place in 12 different ways. If enough people pick up these habits, we might actually wreak some havoc (in a good way) on the status quo.

3. Donate.

We'll suggest a different cause to which you can donate. The idea is that if we all donate to the same cause, that organisation will be able to achieve a lot more than if we spread the love to a bunch of different organisations. If you are short on cash this month, you can donate your time instead by signing five different petitions that all support this cause.

Or, read about why we need The Kin Project and the idea behind it.

*For all my fellow pedants... nope, not all months have 30 days but 'The 30 Day Challenge' is a lot catchier than 'The 28/29/30/31 Day (Depending On The Month) Challenge'. The only other name I could come up with is 'The Monthly Challenge' which sounds like the title of a documentary on menstruation.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

~Lee Harvey Oswald

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