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Unfinished Business

You know how it is - you get all inspired and sign up for a course or buy an educational book. Or, you buy the materials and download instructions to build a shelving unit. But then, life get in the way and you never get around to finishing that project you intended to do. All those unfinished projects can add to our mental load - even just a shelf of unread books can start to seem like part of an insurmountable to-do list rather than a source of pleasure. So this month, the challenge is to look around and ask:


What unfinished project can I finally wrap up?

If you're anything like me, you probably have loads of unfinished projects lying about. There's really no way you can finish them all in a month. So, pick one and put the others out of sight until you've finished it. Removing all these unfinished projects from vision will also remove them from your mental load.


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