December: Switch Off Screens

December's a perfect time to switch off your screens and focus on the people and things around you. Before the new year starts, it's great to take some time away from the constant river of information pouring in from the screens we use and really curate our informational 'diet'. In December, the challenge is to ask ourselves:


Am I better off with screens off?

Again, it comes down to being a conscious consumer. Social media, TV, websites - they are all fighting for your attention and trying to keep you on their particular platform as long as possible. Are you in control of what your mind is consuming or are they? Do they have your best interests at heart or are they trying to sell you something or sell you to someone else? This challenge is all about taking back control of our time in front of a screen to ensure that we're using the technology and not the other way around.


Ready to get started? Download the PDF for this challenge.

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