We hear it all the time - you have to live in the moment; you only have now; tomorrow doesn't exist; yesterday is gone, etc., etc. It makes sense to be fully 'present' in the present because how we live in each moment IS our life.


Yet it's somehow one of the hardest things to do. We are constantly pressured to buy more, do more, get more, be more. It feels like we're running out of time to achieve all that we're supposed to achieve.


This desire to have more without really knowing why we want more - mindless consumerism, in other words - leads to horrible side effects for the planet and other people.


This month, the challenge is to put into practice various ways to stop time, live in the moment, and be grateful for all that we already have.


Because who doesn't want more time?


One day, we're all going to kick the bucket. It would be a huge shame to realise you've spent a giant chunk of your life doing things you don't care about with people you don't care about in order to get things you don't care about.


Spending a month working on your relationship with time might be your best use of time yet... 


Every day this month, there will be a new "time-stopping" practice suggested. The challenge is to attempt each one of them. As none of them take very long, you can always play catch-up and do a few on one day if you've missed some.


Perhaps if we dedicate some of our precious hours to learning how to stop time, we'll find it seems we have more of those hours in the future.



Follow along with all the exercises

Head over to our Facebook Group to be the first to see each day's exercise. The Instagram feed is where you'll find motivation and more ideas on why and how to stop time.

keep going

Remember, the idea is to keep going with the previous challenges (listed below) at a level with which you are comfortable.

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