Reasons To Be Cheerful

As much as I love those heartwarming 'good news' accounts on Instagram, etc., so many of those stories are about acts of kindness on a one-to-one level. While those acts of kindness are absolutely wonderful, I find it easier to be cheered by positive news that has a wider reach. The individual kindnesses are a bit like the violinist playing beautiful music as the Titanic goes down. I want to hear about the people who are addressing the hole that's sinking the ship.

The above paragraph is just a convoluted way of saying I want to hear good news about how we're saving our planet. Which is why I was delighted to come across the website Reasons To Be Cheerful.

Your mini-challenge is to head on over there, read some articles to boost your faith in humanity's ability to enact positive change on a wide scale, and subscribe to their newsletter so you don't forget that there are indeed many reasons to be cheerful.

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