Read: Our Throwaway Society

Back in 2018, George Monbiot wrote in The Guardian that,

"Plenty of people imagine we can carry on as we are, as long as we substitute one material

for another. We won't save the Earth with a better kind of disposable coffee cup. We must challenge the corporations that urge us to live in a throwaway society rather than seeking 'greener' ways of maintaining the status quo."

I saw what he meant the next time I ordered a coffee to go... The shop was touting their fully recyclable disposable cups, but I noticed that the plastic lids for each cup remained unchanged. It's like the cafés that serve your smoothie with a paper straw but in a giant plastic cup.

A better solution would be to not have a disposable option at all. I'm now the proud owner of a KeepCup but I suppose an even smarter option would have been to just use a mug that I already owned rather than buy a dedicated vessel for coffee on the go.

Have a read of his article and then think about your lifestyle. Are you a member of the throwaway society or do you consider yourself a conscious consumer?

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