Mini-Challenge: Composting

What do you do with your food scraps? Ideally, we wouldn't have any at all - we'd never discover a semi-rotten iceberg lettuce mouldering in the back of the fridge. But, more than likely, you've got some food that needs to be chucked each week.

The problem with just scraping your unwanted food into the bin is that food waste generates huge amounts of methane when it is left to decompose in a landfill. Composting, on the other hand, creates nutrient-rich, chemical-free fertilisers for plants and gardens. It's a really simple yet effective way for households to reduce their environmental impact.

So how can you get started with composting? If you're lucky enough to live in a municipality that offers separate bins or picks up compostable waste, it's dead simple. You just have to separate your food waste from other organic waste and leave it in the appropriate bin.

However, many places don't yet offer city-wide composting. If that's the situation you're in, there's always backyard composting. This is actually an even greener option as the waste doesn't need to be transported to composting sites. You can make your own composting bin or buy one, converting your food scraps into a safe and rich fertiliser.

If you want to know more, check out this guide to backyard composting. If you'd like to deal with food waste at the source, check out our challenge Taste Not Waste.

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