Measure Your Impact

Your mini-challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to discover your climate impact. Project Neutral has set up a quick and easy way to figure out how many tonnes of climate pollution come from your household activity. I said it would be quick. I didn't say it would be pleasant to discover just how much carbon you're personally responsible for cranking out into the environment each year.

I'm quite nervous to do this one, actually - I have a feeling our output as a family of four is going to be somewhat horrifying. But I think it's important to get a clearer picture of how we're contributing to the problem.

The Global Footprint Network, among other organisations, has calculated the date by which our demand on the earth's resources exceeds what the earth can deliver that year. In other words, Judgment Day, though it's actually been dubbed Earth Overshoot Day. Scarily, the date arrives sooner every year than it did the year before.

So why does knowing our carbon footprint help? Well, once you figure out where you're really doing some damage, you can start to switch to low-carbon actions instead.

Ready to take the quiz? Here goes.

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