Just Shakes Head

I think once you read about one of the easiest ways we could reduce harmful emissions and find out what we are doing instead, the only possible response is... *Just shakes head.*

I know I've explained this before, but just in case you haven't read any of my previous posts, there's this book called Drawdown that proposes 80 of the most impactful solutions we have to avert the impending climate crisis.

Number three on that list is reducing food waste. I mean, how effing simple, right? The amount of food we waste is scandalous. I didn't even want to read beyond the second paragraph of the article on this solution because the effects of our current system are so appalling. This is what it says:

"A third of the food raised or prepared does not make it from farm or factory to fork. That number is startling, especially when paired with this one: Hunger is a condition of life for nearly 800 million people worldwide. And this one: Ranked with countries, food waste would be the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases globally, just behind the United States and China. A fundamental equation is off-kilter: People who need food are not getting it, and food that is not getting consumed is heating up the planet."

*Just shakes head.*

Head to our food waste challenge to find out what you can do to stop this absolute insanity.

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