Extreme civilisation

Did you know that you can buy wigs for babies? Because babies deliciously fragrant baldy heads are offensive somehow?!

How many other absolutely bloody useless items can you think of that precious resources and time have gone into creating? As George Monbiot writes,

"Every year, clever new ways of wasting stuff are devised, and every year we become more inured to the pointless consumption of the world’s precious resources. With each subtle intensification, the baseline of normality shifts. It should not be surprising to discover that the richer a country becomes, the less its people care about their impacts on the living planet."

Read this article and think about your lifestyle. How much crap do you buy that you really, really don't need? I'm going to call my husband out on one particularly ridiculous purchase that absolutely embodies the concept of extreme civilisation... Has anyone heard of The Executioner? It's a fly swatter shaped like a tennis racquet that releases a current of electricity when you press a button. While, I have to admit, it's very satisfying when you finally manage to electrocute the fly that's been driving you nuts for the past half an hour, it's absolutely not an essential purchase for any household. Just use a shoe...

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