Cradle To Cradle

I don't know about you guys, but I'm obsessed with collecting books. Given that I have a deal with myself at the moment that I can't actually BUY anymore books until I've read the ones lining my shelves, I'm mostly collecting them on my Bookshop wish-list. (If you're in the UK or USA, check out Bookshop as a wonderful alternative to Amazon that supports independent booksellers.)

One of the books sitting in there waiting for me to hit 'buy' is Cradle to Cradle by Braungart and McDonough. This one looks really interesting because the authors discuss how we can scrap the cradle to grave manufacturing model we've had since the Industrial Revolution. They propose that it's time for a different approach, one that doesn't see items going to the grave at all. The authors argue that we need to remake the way we make things, and, as a chemist and architect, they have plenty of experience in making things.

What's on your reading wish-list at the moment? Any 'saving the planet' reads you'd recommend?

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