A Different Outlook

When I started reading Drawdown last year, I came across the following passage in Dr. Jonathan Foley's foreword:

"While most people continue to move through their day as if nothing is wrong, others who are aware of the science are fearful, if not in despair. The climate change narrative has become a doom and gloom story, causing people to experience denial, anger, or resignation. At times, I have been one of those people."

I don't know about you, but at times I have certainly been one of those people, too. It was one of the reasons I had to put The Kin Project on pause a couple of years ago - it was really getting depressing.

However, I don't think 'saving' our planet and every living thing on it has to be a depressing endeavour. I started The Kin Project back in 2017 with the idea of just keeping it simple - every month, I'd research one problem the world faces and create a challenge to address it. The idea was that all those who chose to do the challenge would be helping to alleviate the problem.

As you may have already guessed, researching all the problems our world faces was rather terrifying. It looked like the entire human species was basically a swarm of locusts trying to consume our planet as fast as it could. I needed a different outlook.

It eventually dawned on me that all I needed to do was spend my time looking at the solutions rather than the problems. There are SO MANY people working for good - I'd rather focus on their incredible efforts than on the myriad problems our world faces. It's just a simple shift in perspective, but one that makes me excited about working on The Kin Project again.

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