The Kin Project started in June 2017 with the ambitious target of making one small change a week. After a few short weeks, I realised that was a batshit mental pace and switched it to one small change a month.

A year passed, and it became clear (at least to this overthinker) that tackling just one issue a month was both limiting and still only scraping the surface of these problems. As in, yep, sure, it's only going to take us one month to scrap single-use plastic from our lives. Or, on the other hand, can I really bang on about the benefit of adult colouring books for longer than a week? NOPE.

So, I set one challenge for the entirety of the summer in the hopes that this would give me enough time to re-jig the format of The Kin Project into something more satisfying. I also really wanted a break from looking at all these monumentally rubbish problems that the Earth is facing, and to instead look at all the insanely wonderful things we could enjoy doing while we're on the planet.

And so, The Bucket List Challenge came to be. The idea was to spend June, July and August checking off all these fabulous things on your bucket lists. I have to admit, I completely missed the point when making my own bucket list and just came up with a few things that were more to do with attaining goals than having wonderful life experiences.

Needless to say, I didn't achieve many goals this past summer. I think my subconscious kicked in and insisted I just go enjoy myself and this gorgeous planet because that was truly the point of the whole challenge. So I did. I went to Italy, Greece, France and Luxembourg. I spent time with dear old friends and family. I ate and drank plenty of deliciousness and I had a dip in the sea pretty much every single day.

It was wonderful.

I think my accidental bucket list kicked my written bucket list's ass a hundred times over. I did manage to complete a couple of items on my sad 'productive' bucket list though. I finished a book I started writing 5 years ago (I'm not ready to shout about it yet - it needs some editing...) and I re-designed The Kin Project website.

The 'new' Kin Project isn't limited to just one issue a month. Instead, there's now a suggestion of Five Good Things we can do each month to improve things here on our cute little planet. You can find each month's list on the Members page. I'm hoping this new format keeps things a bit more varied and allows us to come back again and again to the issues that require more than four weeks' attention. Which is most of them.

I hope you like the changes to The Kin Project and I hope your Bucket List summer was as brilliantly off-target as mine was.

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