May flew by - I feel like I had zero chance to Stop Time this month! But... I attempted most of the daily activities. If you want to try them to, you can download a PDF with all 25 of them outlined here.

Day One - Assembling Your Life Garden

This turned out to be a massive wake-up call as to some of the 'plants' in my 'garden' that weren't getting enough attention. Such as my marriage. OOPS.

Day Two - Start A Gratitude Journal

I did this for a few days and then forgot about it. But, I have definitely been making far more of an effort this month to focus on all the good stuff in my life as opposed to the negative. Needless to say, things are far more fun that way.

Day Three - Do A Time Audit

I realised that because I 'work' from home, I do a lot of non-work activities during work hours. The plus side of this is that I am able to focus on my kids more when they are home. The downside of this is that some days I achieve basically nothing work-related because I've worked out, showered, grocery shopped, cooked, done laundry and cleaned the house during work hours... These are things that shouldn't be done when I could be working instead.

Day Four - Spend Time With The Stars

While I had some reeeeally late nights this month (hello, trip to Ibiza...), the only time I really soaked up the night sky was during full moon yoga on the beach last night. As I opened my eyes after savasana, I managed to have a lovely little ogle of the beautiful dark sky before this ridiculously large, pink full moon rose up.

Why do we still bother taking pics of the moon when they all turn out shit??

Day Five - Mindful Meal

I am a hardcore foodie. I really, really love my food and can honestly say I savour pretty much every meal, especially when eating out. So this one was no trouble for me.

Day Six - Deathbed Wisdom

I have not yet done this one!! I will get around to it...

Day Seven - Kill The Snooze Button

I have kids. I mean, honestly, I haven't used a snooze button since they were born because I have rarely had to use an alarm since they were born. BUT, I do often find myself checking my phone first thing which is lame and terrible and I pledge to stop doing that immediately.

Day Eight - Cut Commitments

The thing that got me about this one is that I hadn't even considered micro-commitments previously. All those little 'projects' that I allow to pile up around the house are commitments I've made that I'm not managing to do and on some level they are stressing me out. If I'm not going to alter that dress that doesn't fit me properly, I should just give it away rather than have it lurk there in my closet taunting me about my weak seamstress skills...

Day Nine - Start Meditating

YESSSSSS. I love meditation even though I suck at it. I'm sticking with this one.

Day Ten - Get In The Flow

Working out has always been my 'flow' activity. With the sunny weather here, I've been up on our terrace with my little weights pretending I'm some cross fit pro (I do like ten squats and call it a day...). Yoga and running are also key ones for me.

Day Eleven - Ground Yourself

I'm lucky enough to live by the beach, so walking barefoot is a really common occurrence for me. I also spend a lot of time on the ground because, you know, kids.

Day Twelve - Smile

I tend to smile a lot at old people, kids, and dogs. At people my age, not so much, especially not men. A lot of men seem to read a smile as an invitation rather than a greeting. But this month I smiled more at women my age. Even if it creeped them out, it made me feel good.

Day Thirteen - Do Nothing

I found it hard to tell the difference between this one and meditating.

Day Fourteen - Purchase Decisions

I've tried to be good at this since the Stuff Your Stuff challenge. I'm improving... but I also bought a dress from ASOS for the wedding and I'm pretty sure ASOS falls into the 'fast fashion company with a shitty human rights and environmental record'. Gulp.

Day Fifteen - Time In The Sun

I usually spend at least an hour a day out in the sun with no sunscreen on... I will look like Magda from There's Something About Mary by the time I'm 45.

Day Sixteen - Yoga