Today's Stop Time activity is to practice being grateful. Go on, do it, it'll warm the cockles of your icy heart! 😜

Scribbling down stuff you're grateful for is a really simple way to feel more content with our lives just as they are.💗

Most of us have an insane number of things for which to be grateful. If we spend just a few minutes listing as many of these as we can, it's a quick and easy method to stop wishing for MORE out of our time on this planet.

Here's my "gratitude journal" - I bought it years ago, used it briefly and then shoved it in a box when we moved and forgot about it.

I love flipping back through those old entries, so I'm attempting to use it on a daily basis again. I try to list about 3-5 random things at a time.

Some of them are short and simple ones like this one from back in 2016:

"I'm grateful for Stroller Strides kicking my ass this morning!" (Thank you Melissa!!)

And then there are slightly longer ones like this entry from the other day:

"So I've just picked the kids up from the bus stop and we're ambling down the boardwalk by the beach towards home. Win's running ahead and Adella's chatting my ear off while I'm having a little daydreamy gaze at the sea 😍

Suddenly her chatter stops abruptly and she says, "Why's that man chasing Win?"

My heart skips a beat but I can see Win just a little bit ahead of us... and it's true. There IS a man chasing him.

He's a really old man; he's in an electric wheelchair, and he and Win are playing tag. Win's laughing his head off and the old guy is having a right chuckle. He ended up cruising alongside us for most of our walk home. What a star."

Soooo... what do you have to be grateful for today?!

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