Today's Stop Time practice is Time with the stars⭐

1 - Find a spot uncontaminated by city lights, lie down under the stars, and consider the following...

2 - A star’s lifetime comprises of several billion years. The light that you're seeing from the stars above is not in the present. You are looking into the past. It takes the light from those stars hundreds of thousands of years to reach us.

3 - Soooo... how significant are your problems in the grand scale of things? We're just little blips in the universe - take a moment to enjoy the quite freeing notion of total insignificance. ⏳

I think my most memorable star experience was in Boologooroo with two of my best friends.

We camped out under the stars at a sheep shearing station in the flat emptiness of Western Australia. As night fell, the canopy of stars above stretched as far as you could see and became more and more vivid with each minute.

I'd never seen as many stars at once before. (And apparently the human eye can only see about 10,000 of the millions of stars out there anyway)

You can't see any stars in the pic below. But the wine, didgeridoo, and campfire definitely helped 'stop time' as well 😜

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