Today's Stop Time practice is all about foooooood 😋

Every time you sit down for a meal today, do the following:

1 - take ten deep breaths and relax

2 - give thanks for the food in front of you

3 - look at it properly

4 - take the time to smell it

5 - really taste it - chew at least 20 times before swallowing (I inhale my food so this is going to be a challenge for me...)

It would be lovely if every meal were an event - if all your favourite people were seated around the table enjoying delicious food for hours on end. Of course, this is unrealistic and would actually be a total pain in the ass because your life would be spent eating. We'd all be morbidly obese and suffering from far too many hangovers.

However, slowing down and savouring our meals - even when we're eating alone - has a slew of benefits. Savouring your meals will lead to eating less, digesting better and feeling more energized after each meal.

Also... you'll be more inclined to choose tasty, healthy food - you can't really savour chicken nuggets beyond the first few bites, can you?

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