Today's Stop Time practice is all about cutting those ties that bind... ✂️

Most of us have a tendency to over-commit ourselves. We say yes to things we'd rather say no to all the time.

Today's Stop Time practice is to start chopping all the commitments we really don't need in our lives.

1 - Take a look at your current commitments. Write down everything that comes to mind. For example, if you have a dog, you need to feed it and walk it.

2 - Now think of all the micro-commitments you've made. If you've bought a book, you've made a small commitment to read it. If you've joined a gym, at some point, you intended to go.

3 - All these commitments, however small, add up to stress on a subtle level. If you've got a shirt hanging in your closet that you know you are NEVER going to iron, give it away. Otherwise, every time you open that closet, there's a little niggle of, "I should iron that."

4 - Start cutting these commitments out. Committing to things you subconsciously know you're never really going to get around to makes you feel like you're letting yourself or others down.

5 - Now that you've started clearing out the time/energy sucks, be very careful about what you commit to in the future.

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