Well, given that I have the attention span of a gnat, this is hardly shocking news. I'm going to be making a few little changes to The Kin Project!

When I launched this site back in June, I was very much still in the "I think it's going to be this, but it may end up being this, and I'm not sure if perhaps it shouldn't be this instead..." stage. However, a wise friend fresh out of completing her MBA told me about a little concept called "MVP". This stands for Minimal Viable Product which basically means just throw what you have out there and see where it goes. Rather than trying to guess what your audience wants; show them what you have and let them shape it for you.

So that's what I did, and she was so right. I've discovered these three things about my 'product' in the few months that have flown past since I started The Kin Project:

1) I ain't Jesus.

I am thoroughly uncomfortable with dispensing advice as to how people *should* live their lives because, really, I have no fooking clue. Even basic things such as writing captions on Instagram posts are making me feel like some kind of naggy aunt. I do enough nagging at home - I don't want to build a project around that, too.

2) I don't like being a 'brand'.

I mean, you all know it's just me, right? It's not like The Kin Project is some separate entity. I am struggling to find The Kin Project's voice (see point 1) and I think part of that is because writing as a brand rather than as myself feels inauthentic. Perhaps this is something I'd get better at with time but, screw it, I don't have the patience.

3) I'm not someone to hold up as an example (unless it's a bad one).

I'm not a vegan. I'm not an eco-warrior. I'm terrible at meditation. I'm not very kind to my husband. Each month, I set a challenge to work on a habit that I REALLY need to work on. Buuuut, by collating a ton of information in order to build the web page for each challenge, and then trying to convince you all to do it too, I find myself writing about the subject as if I know something about it. Which, well, see point 1.

I'm not writing this post in the throes of a crisis of confidence - I just think I need to reframe this a bit. My initial idea was to just write a blog about me trying to tackle one shitty habit at a time and I think I need to sort of tweak The Kin Project back in that direction a bit more.

I'm sure there are loads of people who are rubbish at the same things I'm crap at (because otherwise we'd all be zen little buggers growing our own veggies, living off the grid and wearing haircloth tunics) but I'd rather indirectly influence people than tell people how to live their lives.

I will still set a challenge each month - I would love for EVERYONE to join in - but, throughout the month, I'm just going to tell you about what I'm trying to do instead of advising you to do things. There's probably not much difference there, but I think that little tweak in the semantics will take me out of the wannabe-cult leader zone and back to a place where I feel far more comfortable - the zone of self-mockery.

Reading back over this, it seems that I just have a really hard time trying to do anything remotely 'professional' and am far more excited about the prospect of making a fool of myself (while trying to be a better human, naturally...)

So excuse me if things get a little weird around here while I flail around attempting to find my 'direction'. Just give me a pat on the head and continue to do the challenges, mmmkay?

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