Believe it or not, after all that waffling in my previous blog post, I realised I still didn't make another point that I wanted to make. Story of my life.

I've noticed the "It's not about you" issue particularly with the first challenge - Eat Less Face. It seems by far the most contentious challenge yet. Many people try to draw me into a debate about whether eating some meat is better for you than not eating any at all. I think, considering how there are always conflicting studies when it comes to what to eat for our health, we could debate that issue until we're blue in the face.

But we'd be missing the point.

Eat Less Face is not at all about what's healthier for us as individual humans. On the challenge description, I threw in some research as to why it's better for us to eat less meat to attempt to coax more people into doing the challenge. I believe this research to be accurate - I think vegans and vegetarians are far healthier than the average human. But I don't care whether eating less meat is good for you or not.

I want people to eat less meat because it's so incredibly important for the planet and for the poor critters whose torture we support by buying their carcasses. I do not give one flying f*** about your personal views on the valuable nutrients that are questionably easier to get by consuming a dead animal than some quinoa.


It's not about whether you like the taste of burgers or think you can only maintain your muscle mass by eating 25 chicken filets a week. It's about putting the needs of others above your own. The meat industry royally f***s our planet. It is horrifyingly and relentlessly barbaric to innocent creatures. And the meat industry is not some separate corporate entity. We are the meat industry. Every time we purchase mass produced meat, we are screwing our planet and torturing animals. It's not someone else doing it - it's us.

Eat Less Face is not about our needs or happiness - it's about the needs of the planet and the needs of the animals. I don't care if that makes me sound like a hippy. I live on this planet, I like it a lot, and I'd like my kids' kids to be able to live here, too. I like animals and I'd rather not contribute to their pain. If that makes me a hippy, fine. Just as long as I don't have to wear tie dye.

However, as I wrote in my previous post, putting the needs of others above our own has benefits for us as well. If we eat less meat, we'll mitigate some of the horrendous damage we're doing to the planet - you know, our home. If we eat fewer animals, we'll mitigate some of the damage we're doing to our bodies - you know, our other homes.

So, it may not be about us, but there are still some definite perks for us when we put others first. In the case of eating less meat, these perks are not inconsiderable... saving our planet and our health sounds pretty good to me.

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