The Kin Project has been running for almost two whole months now and I am obviously a COMPLETELY changed woman who has overhauled all of her bad habits and is simply a paragon of virtue.

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Yeahhh... so while I'm not headed for sainthood any time soon, tackling five challenges in the past two months has definitely led to a few positive changes. Fewer than I'd like, but still, progress! And now, like any child, I want some damn stars on my chart. Here's my report card for myself:

Challenge 1: Eat Less Face: A

NAILED IT. I haven't eaten any meat (other than seafood, and even that scarcely) since I started this challenge on June 1st. I picked this challenge because of the horrible effect factory farming has on the planet, but it's the animal cruelty aspect that has really left a mark. I just can't un-see what I've seen. Even if I could start to forget, I follow a few vegans on Instagram (@holy.coww for example) and every now and then a graphic video or pic will pop up in their feeds to remind me. The casual torture is a heart-breaking, soul-destroying example of humans at their very worst. ANYWAY. Moving right along...

Challenge 2: All the Colours: D

I'm not going to give myself an F because I DON'T WANT TO. Buuuut a D is generous and mostly awarded for effort... just not very much of it. I did one page of a colouring book and I splattered some paint on a canvas, but I just haven't given this one much of a go. I think perhaps because it doesn't feel like I'm making much of a dent in the massive pile of Shit That Needs To Be Done To Save The World when I sit down with a colouring book. However, I definitely need to work on mindfulness for my kids' sake (my patience levels are too low too often...) so maybe I'll give this another shot.

Challenge 3: The Final Straw: C

I bought stainless steel straws *BUT* I failed to put them in my bag until a few days ago. I have forgotten to ask for no straws almost every time I've ordered a drink *BUT* I pick up straws littered on the beach whenever I'm there, which is pretty much every day. I definitely need to try harder with this one. It's one of those stupid issues whereby if places didn't serve straws and you had to ask for one, you probably wouldn't think to. However, bars and restaurants automatically serve drinks with straws and we don't think to tell them we'd rather NOT see yet another pointless piece of single-use plastic headed to landfill/the oceans/up a turtle's nose. Gah.

Challenge 4: Get Out There: B

I have made a few attempts to get out in nature but I could do better. I'm spoiled in that we live just a short walk from the beach so I'm there all the time. It definitely gives me that wonderful feeling of, "HOLY SHIT, OUR WORLD IS BEAUTIFUL," but I think I could probably branch out and seek some "green space". Again, as with the colouring challenge, I am just not as motivated by the challenges designed to benefit me personally. What IS that?? Usually I'm all about personal gratification... Anyone else finding the same thing?

Challenge 5: Stuff Your Stuff: A

This one's a tough one. I've managed to donate a lot of stuff, but that makes me uneasy because I'm still not entirely sure where the stuff I've donated ends up. On the other hand, I haven't shopped since the challenge started, other than a t-shirt from an eco-shop in Barcelona... it was research! I was checking out sustainable fashion! Excuses, excuses. I also feel like I've already got enough stuff to last me years so maybe this will be a slowly earned A. When I do eventually need to shop again, I've found a ton of sustainable brands via Instagram. Actually, following them is dangerous as I their stuff is temptingly gorgeous...

Welp, this is possibly the worst report card I've ever received. The good news is I'M THE TEACHER and I can just change the challenges to be ones that I'll ace! Like "Drink wine and make a tit of yourself" or "Don't put away the laundry, just dress your kids straight from the drying rack" or "Forget to buy coffee so you have a genuine tantrum on Monday morning."

As lovely and easy as it would be to get straight A's on those, I think perhaps it would be little more productive to keep on with that whole "changing your habits to save the world" malarkey. Sigh.

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