The idea for our second challenge came to me in the hallowed halls of Ikea, as I was waiting in line for a cinnamon bun. In front of me in the queue was an adorable little girl of about the age of six, nervously waiting to place her order. Her grandmother was hanging back, outside of the queue, watching her granddaughter fondly.

As usual, my brain was running on overdrive. I observed the little girl and her grandmother, thought, "Aw, how sweet - granny letting the little one do 'big kid' stuff." and then got lost in my thoughts again. A few minutes passed, the cashier called, "Next!" and looked at me expectantly. I gave him my order.

Except, I WASN'T next. The cashier hadn't noticed the little girl in front of me because she barely came up to the level of the counter and he had skipped her. I was off in la-la land and didn't notice this happening. I just went ahead and asked for my cinnamon buns.

Of course, I immediately got an earful from granny. Not that I needed it, the sad, embarrassed face of the little girl was enough of a reproach. I apologised profusely but felt terrible, and not just because my cinnamon bun experience was completely ruined. (Well, almost. Nothing can really ruin a cinnamon bun for me.)

Not being present in the moment had caused me to squash that little girl's grown-up moment. When we got home, I added 'mindfulness' to my list of ideas for challenges.

Later that day, as I watched my children quietly colouring, I realised that the reason my daughter comes home with a folder full of art each week is because teachers know colouring gets kids to calm the eff down. I then remembered a friend of a friend talking about how, after she spent some time colouring, she would then find it a lot easier to focus and be in the present.

I did a bit of research to make sure there was something to this claim of hers and found out, yep, colouring has some dye-hard (ha) fans for good reason. It also just looks like good fun - anytime I have to do a kids' activity with my kids, I think I end up enjoying it just as much as they do. (Hide & Seek is still really great, you guys, no joke!)

And this is how my desire for a cinnamon bun led to me asking you to pick up your colouring pens or pencils for this challenge. I'm hoping that after a week or so of this, I'll be so good at being 'in the moment' that I'll no longer jump small children in front of me in the queue. I'm still cringing.

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