Small changes. Big impact.

 Every month, The Kin Project challenges people to tweak one little habit. 

These small adjustments to your habits are designed to improve your life.

They're also designed to better the world around you - like a 2-for-1 deal.

Each year, you'll have made 12 positive changes to both yourself and the world.

You might get a kick out of Kin if:

You don't take yourself too seriously.

You think the world could do with a bit of sprucing up.


You don't have a ton of time or money but you want to make change happen.

What happens when I sign up?

We'll send you an email with details of our next challenge.

You decide if you want to do the challenge, skip it, or make up your own.


We'd love for you to share on social media how the challenge is going for you.

Each challenge will have a hashtag so you can see how everyone's doing.

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