July: Our Plastic Problem

July's challenge tackles our reliance on single-use plastic. Most of us use it in every part of our lives - that shampoo bottle, the tub of spreadable butter, the take-away coffee cup, the packaging our online purchases come in... it's everywhere.


How can we reduce the amount of single-use plastic we use?


This July, we'll be figuring out what simple changes we can make to stop supporting the production of this stuff. As usual, the work starts with just being a conscious consumer. It involves asking ourselves:

- What throwaway plastic items can I replace with reusable ones?

- Have I examined each room in my home for single use plastic?

- How often do I get food delivered? Is the packaging it comes in sustainable?

- Do my groceries come swathed in plastic? Where can I shop instead?

- Do I remember to say 'no straw' when I order drinks?

- Do I know where single use plastic is hidden - i.e.: cigarette filters?


Ready to get started? Download the PDF for this challenge.

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