Hello, I'm Marie.

It seems a bit over the top to have my own page but I feel it would be rude not to  introduce myself. I'm not a faceless corporate entity - I have a face! Here it is:

In high school,

I had very long hair and was constantly told I looked like Alanis Morissette. I hated hearing that because nobody wants to hear they look like someone else unless that someone else is a supermodel. No offense, Alanis.

Then, one day,

a friend's little sister said I looked like Jerry Seinfeld and I could TOTALLY see the resemblance, especially in the enormous forehead region. All of a sudden, Alanis Morissette seemed like a massive compliment. 

I also got

Jason Biggs in one of those 'Which Celebrity Do You Resemble?' Facebook quizzes which I obviously do not regret taking at all. Not one little bit. 


I just wear enormous sunglasses to hide both the wrinkles and the depressing celebrity comparisons. All that to say, I'm not a faceless corporate entity!

"Never doubt that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else."

- Margaret Mead

In fact, The Kin Project is just me at the moment. "Me" being someone who clearly doesn't want to write her own bio (does anyone enjoy doing that?!) and so has procrastinated by hunting down pics of celebs on the interwebs.

However, I've officially run out of ways to stall so here's my bare bones bio:

What's your name?

Marie-Louise Bateson. People mostly call me Marie and 2% of people actually pronounce it correctly. It is not "Mary" like the Virgin Mary. It is not "Marie" as in "Muh-reeee" which you'd be forgiven for thinking because that's how it's spelled. It's pronounced "Marry" as in "I'm going to marry Prince Charming." Yes, I've considered changing my name to Bob.

Where are you from?

Oh, the dreaded question... I was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland but we left for England when I was three. After that, it gets complicated because I've bounced back and forth between places several times. I've spent 22 years in the UK, 10 in the US, 3 in Luxembourg, 4.5 in Spain, 1.5 in Australia, and half a year in Singapore. 

What do you do?

Since graduating from university, I worked in research, sales, TV production, and marketing for companies such as Accenture, CNN and Greenpeace. I then retired from civilised workplaces to spend my days at home with my lunatic children. 

When my kids started school, I spent the first few months relishing the fact that I could once again finish a thought/sentence without being interrupted and also, very importantly, go to the bathroom alone.


Then I started to feel like I should really *do* something other than my kids' laundry. I started mulling over the idea of The Kin Project as a personal challenge.


I wanted to see if I could shake some of my lazy habits that are crappy for the rest of the world. You know, the ones that aren't THAT hard to change; the ones that I know I should change; the ones that I'd have a hard time justifying to my kids.

Then it occurred to me that if I could rope some friends into also making these small changes, it'd be way more fun and my efforts would have a much bigger impact. Also, I'm one of six kids so I can't really fathom doing anything alone.


Et voilà, The Kin Project was born.

If you'd like to join me in making some small changes that could have a big effect, please sign up below. The more, the merrier!

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