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This challenge is to learn a new language. Whether you've already mastered seven languages or have only your mother tongue, studying a new language is good for your brain.


It's also good for that general spirit of 'kinship' that we need to see more of on this planet. Learning another language bridges divides and allows you to communicate with those whom you may never have connected with otherwise.


1. It enables travel - a new country is far less daunting if you speak some of the language.

2. It opens up a whole new world of job opportunities.

3. Learning something new is good for your brain - and fun.

4. You'll have greater sympathy for those struggling to learn YOUR language.

5. A whole new world of music, literature, art, and poetry will open up for you. 

6. You'll make new friends! Befriending someone from another background makes the world smaller - in a good way.


First, pick a language!

Maybe there's a language you've always thought beautiful; maybe there's a certain country you'd love to visit.


There are a ton of languages out there - choose whatever appeals to you.

Next, look for free resources such as:

- Conversation Exchange

- Yabla

- YouTube

- DuoLingo or Memrise apps


Loads of large cities also host very cheap or free language exchanges - check Meet-Up.


You can also find used dictionaries or language books on Amazon or in your local bookstores.

If you want to really invest in it, you can purchase Rosetta Stone, hire a private tutor, sign up for local classes or take lessons on Verbling.



Once you've had your fill of this challenge, pick another! You can find lots of options here. 


Our individual efforts​ won't have much of an impact if there are only a few of us making these changes. The more people we can get involved, the bigger a difference we'll make. Tell a friend or use the buttons below to share this page.


Tell us about your experience with this challenge on social media. What are you finding hard or easy about it? Tell us about #learnalanguage via the social media buttons below. Don't forget to tag The Kin Project when you do.

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