you don't give a f**k about the polar bears.

"But I do!" I sputtered.

"I care about the polar bears!

I care about global warming!

I care about climate change!"

then what are you doing about it?

I looked at my then-boyfriend, stunned.

He had a point.

What was I really doing about climate change?

(Other than quoting terrifying statistics about it from The Guardian and feeling depressed...)

My actions were not aligned with my values.

I needed to "walk the talk" as they say.

(Who's they? Country and Western singers?!)

I'd like to say that conversation changed everything,

but that was a decade ago.

During those ten years, I worked, partied, traveled,

married my boyfriend, had two kids,

and then woke up to find I was middle-aged

and still not doing much about my purported values.

This was basically me:


"I'm really worried about climate change!"

* Ate factory-farmed meat at pretty much every meal.

"I hate seeing so much plastic trash on the beach!"

* Still bought plastic water bottles and used plastic bags.

"I loathe what Trump stands for!"

* Stayed at the Vegas Trump Hotel because I got a good deal.

"Child labour is horrific!

* Shopped like a lunatic at places like Primark and H&M.



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