June: Great And Small

We happen to share our planet with some pretty incredible creatures. However, much of our behaviour renders their lives exceptionally difficult.  In June, the challenge is to ask ourselves: 


How can we protect other species on our planet?


This month, we'll be marvelling at the insane variety of creatures we're lucky enough to have here on Earth. We'll also be examining the things we do, often without thinking, that are leading to their extinction.  It's predicted that by 2070, we could have pushed up to half of the species here on Earth to extinction. Not cool, humans, not cool. In June, we'll be looking at:

- what actions are having the worst impact on these creatures?

- which animals are already perilously close to extinction?

- which organisations are working on behalf of wildlife?

- how can we support those who are fighting for our wildlife?

- what we can do on a daily basis to protect our wildlife?

Ready to get started? Download the PDF for this challenge.

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