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Welcome to The Kin Project!

Hi, I'm Marie.

I started The Kin Project because I realised that many of my day-to-day actions didn't match up with my purported values. 

For example, I found animal cruelty abhorrent, yet I relished the sweet, sweet taste of bacon.

I hated finding plastic rubbish on the beach, yet blithely purchased food and drink swathed in the stuff. I would never support small children being forced to work in factories, yet I bought fast fashion.


I rolled my eyes at groups of friends staring at their phones instead of talking to each other, yet I spent far too much time on social media.

You get the idea.

It was time to straighten things out.

And not just because I'm careening towards 40 at a dangerous speed. What mid-life crisis?! I decided I'd change one thing a month to try and align the way I live with my so-called values. For starters, I'd keep eating bacon and start gently slaughtering the pigs myself. Wait, no... 

Then, because I'm one of six kids and can't really fathom doing anything alone, I thought I'd try to rope some friends into making these changes with me. I figured it'd be way more fun and my efforts would have a much bigger impact.


Et voila, The Kin Project was born, with slightly less swearing than when my kids arrived.

If you'd like to join me in making some small changes that could make a big difference, please click on the button below. Or, keep scrolling to see how this works.


All of the below in 4 bullet points:

  • Each month, The Kin Project suggests one little change you can make to better the planet, the lives of others, and your own life.

  • There is no commitment. There will be no guilt trips.

  • If you like the suggestion, try and make the change. If you don't like it, don't.

  • I will share what I'm doing to make each change but I am in no way a paragon of virtue. I'm more like a bad example.

This is how it works.

On the first day of each month, I'll send an email outlining the change I'm going to be attempting to make. I'll explain why I've chosen that change and share some ideas as to how I'm planning to make it happen.

Throughout the month, I'll post in our Facebook Group and Instagram about how difficult/easy/fun/fricking annoying it is to be making that change. If you're joining in, it would be great to hear about your experiences so that I don't feel like a total loner. If not, it's OK, I have small children so I'm used to talking to myself.

Here's what we've done so far.

The Kin Project started in June of 2017. Since then, we've done things like attempt to eat less meat, use less plastic, spend more time outside, shop less, be kinder, move our bodies more, and spend less time staring at screens. You can see all of the changes here.

Each of the changes focuses on improving one or more of three areas below. There's not really any need to categorise the changes into areas, but I like labels, to-do lists and Moleskine journals so you can't stop me. Here are the categories:

1 - Yourself

If you don't have your health (mental, physical, etc.), you're not going to enjoy your time here all that much. We've all been given ridiculously powerful bodies and minds. We need to appreciate and care for them so we can do the maximum amount of good before we kick the bucket doing 110mph on a Harley at sunset.

2 - Your home

If we can't treat this planet better, we're all going to have to move to Mars. And moving is SUCH a pain in the ass. We treat the Earth like crap out of either greed, laziness, or ignorance. None of these is a good excuse.

3 - Your kin

We're all kin. If unfriendly aliens invaded tomorrow, all of us Earthlings would suddenly be on the same team. (Except mosquitoes. F**k them.) The despicable things we do to each other because of the stupid notion that any life on this planet is worth less than another just blows the mind.

Would you like to join in?

I swear we're not a cult. If you'd like to join a group of well-meaning yet busy people trying to make one little change a month to make a difference, sign up here. You only need your name and email address.

There's no cost, no ads, no guilt trips, no commitment, and only one email a month announcing that month's change.


If you'd prefer to lurk a bit first before joining in, head over to our closed Facebook group. You don't have to have signed up to The Kin Project in order to join the group. Or you can give us a follow on Instagram.

If you just want to learn more, check out our past challenges where you'll see what changes we've already attempted to make. At any rate, well done on reading this far! You've got an attention span longer than 97.4% of the population.

Thanks for stopping by,


Do you have a question or an idea?

Send us an email at hello@thekinproject.com or use the form below.

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