Fancy moving to Mars?


Yeah, me neither - I quite like Earth, thanks.


However, it does seem that if we don't get our act together soon, we might wreck our lovely little planet. While I'm sure living on Mars could be great, I'd rather just take care of Earth. Moving is a pain in the rear, probably more so if it's inter-planetary.


So it appears it's about time we gave Earth, and every living thing* on it, a hand. Would you like to help?


Welcome to The Kin Project.

*Except mosquitoes. Screw those guys.

The constantly crappy news about our poor planet makes it easy to feel overwhelmed and worried about the future.

And the guilt is endless. It sometimes seems that every single thing we do is destroying the climate or sending yet another species into extinction.

But it's not all hopeless, guys! There's still a lot to celebrate. There are so many people doing incredible work to help out little ol' Earth (who is still gorgeous, by the way).

So where do you come in? Well, if you want to help our adorable planet, and all those who live on it, give us a follow on Instagram or Facebook or sign up

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