Eat Less Face

The best thing you can do to help the planet is eat less of anything that once had a face.

Get Out There

Mother Nature has gifted us so many gorgeous places. Let's get outdoors and enjoy them.

The Quiet Kind

What gesture of kindness would you really appreciate?Who else might need one, too?

Switch Off Screens

Do you know why you spend so much time staring at a screen? Find out with this challenge.

Ditch Palm Oil

How many items in your pantry do you think contain palm oil? 

Bucket List

What's on your bucket list? What steps are you taking to make those things happen?

All The Colours

What do colouring pencils, meditation, and yoga have in common? 

Stuff Your Stuff

What is the true cost of our fast fashion habit? We really need to stop shopping. 

Just Move It

What's your favourite way to move? This challenge is to just make sure you're moving.

Activism Not Apathy

Is there some injustice in the world that really gets your goat? What can YOU do? 

Plant Something

Help make the world a greener place - literally - with this challenge.

The Final Straw

There are two very tiny things you can easily avoid to help the planet out. One's a straw...

Our Plastic Problem

We're suffocating under the weight of single-use plastic. What can we do to reduce it?

Taste Not Waste

Food waste is a thoroughly disheartening problem. Learn how you can fight it.

Learn A Language

Open doors and improve empathy with this challenge. What language do you pick?

Stop Time

It's the one thing we lose every single day. How can we make time slow down?

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