This summer, make a list of experiences you'd like to have before you kick that proverbial bucket and start checking them off. Whether it's skydiving, seeing the Grand Canyon, taking up acting, learning how to sing - take steps now to make these things happen.


One day, we're all going to kick the bucket. It would be a huge shame to realise you've spent a giant chunk of your life doing things you don't care about with people you don't care about in order to get things you don't care about.


Spend the summer doing things you've always wanted to do before you come to the end of the road.


If you're drawing a blank as to what to put on your list, google "bucket list ideas" for some inspiration. If you know you can't afford some of your most-wanted ones yet, start a savings account simply for that experience. Just start taking steps towards the big ones. For example, if you dream of being a fashion designer some day, sign up for a dressmaking course at your local community college.



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keep going

Remember, the idea is to keep going with the previous challenges (listed below) at a level with which you are comfortable.

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