Alternative Challenges


Here are the alternative challenges. April and August are the 'wild card' months during which you can take the month off, repeat a challenge, come up with your own challenge, or do one of the following alternative challenges. You can also do one of these challenges if ever you don't want to do the scheduled challenge.


These are purposely more 'selfish' challenges that ask us to focus on our own health, whether that's mental, physical or emotional. It can be awfully draining to continually think about how to fix the world - these  challenges are here to refill our tanks.


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Image by Thought Catalog

Back To School

What would you like to learn? Whether it's screenwriting, crochet, or Farsi, why not go back to school for a month?

Image by Howie R

Give Thanks

Who or what are you grateful for? This challenge asks you to simply give thanks and reap the benefits of gratitude.


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You can't go wrong with reading - it's proven to reduce stress more than sleep or exercise!

Image by Andre Hunter

Just Move It

This challenge is to move your body just for the pleasure of it. Get off that couch and get the endorphins pumping instead.


Stop Time

How can we slow down and savour the little moments in our lives? That's what this challenge is all about.

Image by Ravit Sages

Slay Your Dragons

What fears are holding you back from doing something that could be really bloody fun?

Image by Taelynn Christopher

Get Creative

We're all creative creatures, we just have to figure out how to tap into the flow. That's what this challenge is for.

Image by Kamil Pietrzak

Bucket List

There's no way around it. One day we're all going to kick the bucket. What do you REALLY want to do before then?

Image by Jeriden Villegas

Unfinished Business

What unfinished projects do you have lying about cluttering up your mental to-do list? Let's get rid of them.

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