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The world would be a horribly dull place without colour. But when was the last time you sat down and played with colour? Unless you're four, it's probably been decades. There's been a surge in adult colouring books over the past year or so, but many of us have yet to get around to trying it out. Let's take a look at why we should.

Apparently, colouring has a slew of therapeutic benefits such as reducing anxiety and stress, creating mindfulness and enhancing focus. In this respect, colouring has the same benefits for your mind as yoga and meditation do. 

For many, colouring books offer a "real elixir, a way of getting past hurdles — mental, physical or both — that can’t be replicated by more-traditional approaches." says the Washington Post.

So, OK, colouring books can be good for the individual - for our mental health and our stress levels. But how is this good for the world? How are we making the world a better place by colouring? 


It just comes down to being more present. Any practice that makes you more mindful is good for everyone. Mindfulness enables you to listen better, attain focus, and think more clearly. It's easy to see how that would make you a better partner, parent, co-worker and just overall human.

For this challenge, try to set aside 10 minutes a day for colouring. You don't have to buy a colouring book, you can just print off images such as this or this, or search for your own on sites like this. You will, however, need colouring pens or pencils. Those in the know suggest fine tips as precision in colouring helps with the meditative effect.



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