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Fancy saving the world?


Welcome to The Kin Project, you hero!

We're a resource for people who want to help our adorable planet and all her inhabitants. (Except mosquitoes. Screw those guys.)

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So what's this 'saving the world' plan, anyway?

Every month, we take on a different challenge to change some of our crappy habits. Not sure if you've noticed, but humans do seem to have a lot of them.


From our throwaway culture and reliance on single-use plastic to our penchant for fast fashion, we need to  shape up.

As fabulous as it would be to fix all the world's problems in just one year, we might need more time... who would have thought?! So we'll rotate through these challenges yearly.


In addition to the 'core curriculum' of challenges, there are also alternative challenges when you feel like doing something new.

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