The Kin Project is a resource for those who want to help our adorable little planet and every living thing on it.

(Except mosquitoes. Screw those guys.)

CHALLENGES... ways you can make a difference

Eat Less Face

The number one thing you can do to help the planet is eat less of anything that once had a face.

Stuff Your Stuff

What is the true cost of our fast fashion habit? There are a lot of good reasons to stop shopping. 

Our Plastic Problem

We're suffocating under the weight of single-use plastic. What can we do to reduce it?

CHANGE-MAKERS... the people creating a better future for all of us

MINI-CHALLENGES... maximum help, minimum time

CELEBRATION... good news is always welcome

CONTEMPLATION... some food for thought

CURATED... what to read, watch, and listen to

CONTACT... we'd love to hear from you

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